1. Yellow slide.

    My eyes were immediately drawn to this bright slide at the Belair National Park.

  2. WWDC.

    With Apple’s annual World-Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) only a few hours away, I can’t help but notice the WWDC app on my phone, ready to receive this year’s session videos.

  3. Bolted together.

    This month’s #1PicaDayFor2014 topic is “I Spy”, which seems a bit ambiguous. However, I’ve decided that, to me, it means “things that catch my eye”.

    This is a detail from a set of extra seating frames out the back of one of Adelaide’s smaller concert venues.

  4. Two loops

  5. The cotyledons in the compost heap.

    A baby watermelon (I think) growing in our compost heap.

    Now I’m just waiting for the Bones episode with this title.

  6. Night lines: two tones

  7. Bin night

  8. Caught in the headlights

  9. Two in the rain

  10. Rusty pair